initiates measures, projects and campaigns to spread awareness about the environment and climate protection, support the transfer of knowledge and promote innovative technologies.

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Individual match-making aligns the best research projects for our environment with committed investors and economic partners. WITHOUT time-consuming applications and bureaucratic obstacles. This means we can test lots of ideas in a short space of time – and quickly implement the ones that work.


  • #Ideas and technologies with high environmental relevance from the academic world*, PRE-Market-Intro
  • #Carefully selected through personal scouting on the basis of decade-long experience and an outstanding network
  • #Selected and reviewed by ACTIV and external scientific advisers


  • #Selected private investors, family offices and companies, many of them have a long history of successful cooperation with ACTIV initiators 

Match-making platform:

  • #Trust and quality by-invite-only principle
  • #Intuitive, effective networking and match-making
  • #Highly secure server 


  • #50+ environmental projects and 50+ investors / economic partners present on the platform 
  • #10+ projects matched 
  • #  3+ projects successfully financed via the platform


The idea contest puts ACTIV on the radar and ensures our initiatives get off to a flying start. The focus here is on the “doing”. The winners get to kick-start their idea. Backed up by a first-class network of experts and decision-makers.

Target group and ideas:

  • #The decision-makers of tomorrow, school pupils, students, scientists, individual people or teams
  • #Projects with high environmental relevance, before founding a company

Submission and selection:

  • #Online submission of an idea outline via the ACTIV website
  • #Selection via an external jury of experts and ACTIV
  • #Criteria: Ecological relevance, level of innovation, economic potential, feasibility, customer benefit, unique selling point, market potential

Award ceremony and implementation:

  • #Award ceremony for the first three places
  • #Access to the ACTIV network and committed support for implementation


  • #Publicity for exciting ideas from young people has risen
  • #3 winning ideas are reviewed and awarded and then supported

* In DACHL countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein

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